The genesis of Joaquim Peixoto Azevedo’s business, a man of strong convictions that boosted his successors, occurred in the late 60s, in the development of the business application of marble floor.

In the next decade, strongly marked by the importance assumed by construction sector, Joaquim Peixoto Azevedo is confronted with the need to conduct a strategic redefinition of the business.

As a result of business expansion in the application of tiles, this man knew how to create the conditions for the fast growth of a new business area and the affirmation of a strategy toward the vertical integration of a new business activity.

Thus, a phase of rapid evolution of the activity has begun, marked by extension to the area of civil construction and public works, following a policy of investment in equipment intended to provide the desired sustainability in this area, always in search of quality of services.

Due to the new challenges faced, he finalized the transfer of management relative to offspring, in the conduct of the company’s designs. The guidelines aimed at sustainable growth remain, however, with a new organization.

Thus appears the creation of Joaquim Peixoto Azevedo & Filhos Lda., in 1989, a name that still stands today.



Certification of Management Systems, a key requirement nowadays, remains a bet for Joaquim Peixoto Azevedo & Filhos, Lda.

Focusing on quality and certification is a top priority for the company, continuing the strong commitment that has guided over the years.

In 2005, it began to implement a Quality Management System according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001.

The effort throughout the organization in implementing the Quality Management System resulted in the obtaining the Certification of Quality Management in September 2006, this certification obtained after a rigorous audit by the certification body EIC – International Certification Company, with accreditation of IPQ – Portuguese Institute of Quality.


Message from the President

Aware that our added value is in human resources, we adopt a proximity model and sharing of experiences among all our employees, to ensure efficient and customer satisfaction.

And because this sharing exists, and promote its continuity, we are constantly evolving, with models of continuing education and training in new skills.

Always attentive to market demands, we dedicate our day to days responding with rigor and excellence to all who request our services.

The quality standards that we always work allow us to maintain the image achieved in the industry, which is important to preserve.
We thank all of those who helped us, and still do, developing this project.

The President